27th international specialized exhibition of clocks, watches, golden and silver jewellery

13. - 15. 9. 2018


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ALPACA Fleece’s


This product is made with ALPACA fiber from the animal of the same name that lives in the cold climates of the Andes mountains. Considered to have unique characteristics, it allows for high quality clothing of extraordinary comfort. Its silky, soft texture is a result of its thermal properties, due to the microscopic bubbles inside the fiber.


ALPACA Fleece’s properties:

• The microscopic air pockets inside make it possible to create light clothing with great thermal properties.
• Strong and Resistant.
• It stands out for its high breathability.
• Its elasticity allows it to maintain its shape without breaking, contributing to its durability.
• Light.
• It’s cell structure makes it soft and smooth to touch.
• It has a natural shine that offers its clothing a lustrous, visual appearance.


Our Pashminas and scarvesprovide a fascinating combination of elegance and style; that together with quality makes them truly unique.

These are complements that you can wear on a regular basis without tiring from it, obtaining a unique touch in your daily outfits.




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