27th international specialized exhibition of clocks, watches, golden and silver jewellery

13. - 15. 9. 2018


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WATCHES AND JEWELS 2016 – September newsletter


Dear Sir, Madam,

Please find enclosed the next newsletter related to this year’s jubilee 25th WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition, which will be held from 29th September - 1st October 2016 at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague - Holešovice; the focus area of the exhibition includes watches, clocks, jewels, authorial jewels, fashion jewellery, minerals, packaging materials, investment gold, investment diamonds, security equipment etc.

- we have already published the exhibitors´ list and the floor plan on our website:

- here is the FREE entry voucher link (invitation code: HK016PROFI):

- in the record section of the exhibition, the visitors can look forward to seeing:
the watch, that was on the Moon and the one, that completed the first ever round-the-world flight only powered by the sun by OMEGA

the world's thinnest high-tech ceramic watch and the world´s hardest watch by RADO

the watch worn by the first Czech citizen who swam across the English Channel by PRIM

watches by ORIS

watches by PERRELET

and watches by MEISTERSINGER

- the Goldsmith’s Centre for Practical Education SOLUNKA comes with a special offer for expert visitors this year; during the exhibition, they will offer a discount on a 3-months-training on “Stone Setting”, which will start in January 2017 and which will take place one day per week in the afternoons; for more information please visit the stand of Solunka (PK15)

- the visitors to the exhibition WATCHES AND JEWELS will have the chance to see the current collection of the Swiss watch brand Epos inclusive this year´s novelties. On show will be a limited edition (999 pcs.) of the 3434 model with OH on the 12 position, the chronograph 3433 with a Valjoux 7750 movement and a new version of the pilot watch 3433P, also with a Valjoux 7750 movement and water resistance 10 ATM. Both models are available either with leather, stainless steel or rubber straps. For more information look up www.epos-czech.cz

- this year, the Swiss watch brand Davosa launches a series of new interesting quartz watch models, which were presented at the Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel for the very first time. One of the presented models at the WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition will be Dual Time with a Ronda movement and a rotating wheel in the centre of the watch face replacing the second hand. The suggested and recommended price should be CZK 6 940. Another new Davosa watch model is Sneak Peek with the second hand placed in the centre of the watch face. Information about the whole collection is available at www.davosa.cz

- the Swiss design brand Xemex will appear for the very first time at the WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition; just right after its establishment in 1996, the brand got big attention thanks to original and minimalistic design; the brand offers both quartz and mechanical watches starting at the price of CZK 7 500; the distribution for the Czech and Slovak Republics is provided by the company Herrison; for more information please look up www.xemex.cz

- the exhibition will again be promoted via posters and honorary invitations  presented in all offices and branches of the Slovak Assay Office, and in the PALACE PLUS Czech Bijoux and Glass, the shop of the Union of Glass and Costume Jewellery Manufacturers

- to mark the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV., there will be a historical safe on show in the stand of the Goldsmiths´ Centre Prague loaned by our long-time partner, the company JINOVA ČESKÉ TREZORY s.r.o.; in this safe, the visitors will have the chance to see replicas of the coronation jewels loaned by JBX Promotion s.r.o.

- on the first day of the exhibition, the opening times will again be postponed just like in the previous year (but they will be one hour shorter); we are looking forward to welcome all visitors between 12:00 noon – 7 PM

- we have newly established a partnership with the publisher A11, which, besides other titles, publishes innovation, a big Prague guide for investors combining lifestyle topics with expert content focusing on investment, property, company management, and HR management; the magazine aims at company owners with a turnover between 10 and 250 million CZK based in the Prague region; leisure time, self-education or hobby tips are supplemented by interviews with successful entrepreneurs and investment advisory, newest trends in the company management, real estate projects as well as Prague issues with a high business potential; stable sections are besides others fashion, car, and sports&travel

- publisher ROFIN s.r.o., respectively the magazine TVOJE SVATBA, will organize a casting for the 6th year of the competition DUEL OF THE BRIDES; as part of the accompanying programme, they will organize a presentation of the PRAGUE BRIDAL SHOW (bridal and social topics, introduction of the DUEL OF THE BRIDES patrons); in the foyer of the Industrial Palace, the visitors will have the chance to see an exhibition of the photographs from the DUEL OF THE BRIDES, a roll-up of the Guild of Wedding Experts and a Formula One model

- the visitors can this year again listen to a lecture elaborated by Mr. Vladimír Kondratěnko from ARETE DIAMOND - UMARUTTI S.R.O., who is a holder of the diplomas GIA Diamonds Graduate and HRD Certified Diamond Grader and a recognized international expert on diamond evaluation and a diamond trader with international certificates GIA and HRD Antwerp; another expert on diamond trading, Mr. Ladislav Klaboch (translator of the second revised and supplemented Czech edition of the book DIAMONDS – A Handbook on Diamond Evaluation), will give a presentation with the title „Diamonds, Synthetic Diamonds and (Un)trustworthy Certificates – What You Do Not Find in Handbooks and in the Media“ Note: the presentation assumes that the audience has basic knowledge on diamond evaluation;

- in case you would like to order drinking water dispensers to be installed in your stand during the exhibition, you can contact our partner  – the company Crystalis, for more information please look up www.crystalis.cz

- the company MINERAL PURKART will be present with two displays – one being commercial and the second one enabling the visitors to drill a stone with a diamond drill or eventually to add (drill or glue) eyelets made of silver or costume jewellery or silver-plated or gilded eyelets on stones brought by themselves; at the same time, there will be shows of cutting and grinding cabochons

- in the stand of the company RNDr. Jaroslav Hyršl - PERUANITA.CZ, it will be possible to buy expert literature such as: Campos-Venuti M. (2012): Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers; Hyršl J., Niedermayr G. (2003): Geheimnisvolle Welt: Einschlüsse im Quarz / Magic; World: Inclusions in Quartz; Hyršl J., Korbel P. (2008): Tschechien & Slowakei. Mineralien und Fundstellen; Hyršl J. (2012): Gemstones of Peru. Moreover, monographies from the series extra Lapis (in German) and extra Lapis English (in English): Apatite, beryl, diamond, fluorite, calcite, quartz, opal, smithsonite and topaz

- the Goldsmith’s Centre for Practical Education SOLUNKA offers education for goldsmiths and jewellers (a 3 years apprenticeship programme) and belongs to traditional exhibitors at the fair WATCHES AND JEWELS; just like in the past years, they will arrange fashion shows together with presentations of jewellery pieces made by their students; SOLUNKA will also present various handicraft techniques of goldsmithery in their stand (shows of handicraft techniques when working with silver);

- also this year, the company Herisson prepared a show of antique watches from private collections for the visitors to the exhibition; the visitors will have the chance to see excellent pieces of pocket and wrist watches; there will e.g. be a golden self-striking pocket watch, a golden pocket watch – chronometer with three covers, a silver Schaufhaussen pocket watch, a rectangular Omega wristwatch with a black watch face, a key-wind pocket watch with an engraved movement, a Hanhart stopwatch, a  Zenith pocket watch with a motif of a locomotive on its back side etc.; the collection will be on show in the Central Hall in the stand SH3.

- the Union of Glass and Fashion Jewellery Producers will organize workshops incl. a creative one, they will show the production process of glass pearl beads with help of a burner, as well as the assembly of manufactured fashion jewellery; additionally, the visitors will get the chance to manufacture their own piece of jewellery with assistance of a designer at cost price, i.e. at a much lower price than they would have to pay for the jewellery in a shop; of course, the price will depend on the type of used pearl beads – a piece of jewellery made of standard material can cost even only CZK 30, but handcrafted glass pearl beads are very expensive as such and their price logically influences the price of the finished piece of jewellery – however, it will still be only a fraction of a normal retail price

- it will once again be possible to purchase specialized publications at the exhibition, such as DIAMONDS - a Diamond Grading Handbook by Verena Pagel-Theisen (translated by Mr. Ladislav Klaboch) and other books)




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